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Character Illustration

Big Momma's needed some custom pin-up style illustrations for use on their website and marketing materials for the launch of their new restaurant.

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Responsive Web Design

Rowley Szilagy is a chartered surveyors and building consultants. They required an update to their existing website which was dated.

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When we get a little down-time from creating awesome websites for our clients, we like to discuss what's happening in the web design and digital marketing industry.  Why not join us?

Northern Enterprise 2016 Conference

Northern Enterprise 2016 Conference
Posted on Tuesday 20th September 2016 by Steve Ingley
It's been a while since our last post, mainly because we've been so busy beavering away developing and testing our new app, Ticksi.  We've partnered up with the Founder of the Social Enterprise Network to host their Northern Enterprise 2016 Conference on the new platform. A conference set to lead devolution with social value... The inaugural Northern Enterprise 2016 Conference, Exhibition and Awards is to be held at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, on October 13, 2016. The one-day event will shape and drive the devolution agenda in the north and demonstrate how the social sector can lead the Northern Powerhouse through innovation and values implicit in the social economy. Speaking is minister for civil society, RT Hon Rob Wilson and RT Hon Hazel Blears, who will lead a host of industry trailblazers including a round table discussion. Sponsors include, the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice, University of Liverpool, Firstark, RBS Social & Community Capital and Big Society Capital to name a few. (Please see editor’s notes for a full list of sponsors and speakers.) Businesses across the third, private and public sector will unite at Northern Enterprise 2016 to develop a clear strategy for mass collaboration across the social economy, put social value on the agenda of key influencers and decision-makers and provide a platform for the private sector to adopt new delivery models to include social value in their own decision-making. Rosie Jolly, CEO of Social Enterprise Network, said: Northern Enterprise 2016 will bring together best practice social economy to drive the northern core cities agenda as Britain prepares for Brexit.  Through social enterprise, collectively we can shape the changing face of the Northern Powerhouse agenda, through its ability to deliver effective and efficient social value outcomes, which will be essential to the success of devolution. Alongside the voices of industry pioneers, the Northern Enterprise 2016 Conference and Exhibition will feature business master classes (full list in editors notes), brokerage space, an entrepreneur’s chill-out zone, business gurus, innovation and investment hubs and a dragon’s den. Following on from the conference and exhibition will be the Northern Enterprise 2016 Awards, which recognises the achievements of those individuals and businesses that are shining beacons of social value best practice. Rosie added: The conference also aims to create a platform for the possibilities of cross sector co-production to be explored, encouraging private sector businesses to follow suit with public sector bodies and consider the social and environmental impact the services that they offer or commission has upon local communities.  We can and should influence the Northern Powerhouse agenda to build the kind of region and economy able to punch above its weight and to once and for all break the continuous cycle of the great north south divide. Phillip Blond, director of Respublica, said: As the devolution agenda moves into its next phase - with upcoming Mayoral elections in Manchester and Liverpool and new city and region deals in the pipeline - it is vital that we bring together the best and the brightest from across the North to share their ideas and to pool intellectual resource.  Northern Enterprise 2016 is a brilliant opportunity to do just that and although I am taking part as a speaker, the thing I am most excited about is hearing from the many socially minded businesses and social entrepreneurs taking part for they can offer the innovation that public services in the North desperately need. Dr Alan Southern, co-director at the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice, University of Liverpool:  The Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice is pleased to be collaborating with SEN in Northern Enterprise 2016.  We see this conference as an important step in developing a broader agenda about the social economy and its role in the Northern Powerhouse.  W e hope to use this conference not only to stimulate ideas for collaboration in research, but also to ask how we can enable a vibrant, independent social economy across the region who are able to partner with the private and public sectors in supporting inclusive economic growth. The term social value relates to The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, whereby public organisations are required to factor how the social, economic and environmental issues of a local area are considered during procurement.  A range of ticket packages can be purchased here
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The Best CMS? We Think So!

The Best CMS? We Think So!
Posted on Thursday 17th March 2016 by Danny Vickers
The team have used a lot of different Content Management Systems over the years - some good, some downright awful. But who of us has ever said, "Wow, this is a great CMS"? Wordpress is like chalk and cheese for most people. If you are a web designer who is familiar with the lingo it probably suits you absolutely fine, but what happens when you hand over the reigns to the client? Our experience is that they log in once, maybe twice, get confused (or scared) and never touch it again. The client's website content then stagnates, discouraging new business and driving existing customers away. It's a similar story with other CMS platforms too, but are there really any viable Wordpress alternatives? A Content Management System You'll Love We've spent the last four years working in close collaboration with clients to develop a CMS like no other. If you're new here, we call it Multiverse. It is the product of a group of passionate individuals working in the digital marketing industry; the Fire Pineapple team. It's been around for a couple of years now, and we've learnt a lot. All of that experience, research and passion has gone into Multiverse Version 3, which is formally released today!  Our clients who have seen the technical preview have been overwhelmed with the improvements we've made. We've listened, and worked in close collaboration with our development partners to maximise the positive impact of this overhaul in both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Here are just a few of the awesome things available in v3 of our incredibly powerful CMS... Intelligent, Automatic SEO Our clients are too busy running their businesses or teams to learn even the basic concepts of Search Engine Optimisation. With Multiverse, just add your content as you would normally and leave the rest to our intelligent algorithms. It automatically structures your content and names it in the most advantageous way, keeping Google happy. Just sit back and watch your website climb the rankings and the sales roll in. Photoshop-level Image Processing We have spent weeks developing, testing and perfecting the most advanced web-based image processing tools available in any CMS on the market. If you have to use Photoshop or Paint-esque programs to prepare your images for your website, Multiverse will save you hours of work. Drag your images, documents, videos and even audio files into the bulk file uploader and let the CMS do the rest. Or if you're feeling adventurous, alter your images using bespoke tools for: Resizing Images Cropping / Auto Cropping Instagram Style Filters (Vignette, Sepia, Black & White etc.) Advanced Image Manipulation using Intuitive Sliders Translate Content Into 170+ Languages If you're currently exporting your goods and services, or if you're trying to break into international markets then a multi-language website is a crucial tool in your efforts. If your website's content is available in your target customers' primary language you are much more likely to make the sale. Multiverse underpins your exports by allowing full translation capability into the world's most popular languages, and pretty much all of the not-so-popular ones. Customer Account Management We could talk about Multiverse all day, but you might not know that the CMS is just scratching the surface of what Multiverse is capable of. Have you ever wanted to offer your customers a "My Account" area, fully integrated into your website? Well, want no more! Multiverse supports this right out of the box, so whether it's client documents you wish to keep in a central repository, or whether you want to provide client-only access to particular sensitive materials, then why not ask us for a demo? Mobile Responsive CMS Sure, your front-end, customer-facing website might work great on mobile devices. But can you manage your website's content from anywhere in the world, on any device? Multiverse CMS is a native, responsive app that works in any web browser on any device. It's completely future-proof thanks to our responsive design ethos - making everything work pixel by pixel. So no need to worry about who manufactures your next portable device, or how big the screen is. Multiverse just works, and works incredibly well. Don't take our word for it though - get in touch today for a free, no-obligation demonstration and you'll see exactly why our clients are over the moon with our services and our commitment to continual improvement.
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We Are Going International

We Are Going International
Posted on Wednesday 6th January 2016 by Steve Ingley
We work with clients across the UK, but usually in and around the North West. Today we've taken a giant step; out of the country and across Europe to the Fatherland! German-based Mantzioς Architektur have commissioned us to create a unique web design to showcase their architectural achievements. The website will be available in three languages; English, German and Greek. So we've done our research, and planned out how best to create international, translatable content that is Search Engine friendly and also easy to navigate. Web Design for International Markets Over the next couple of months we will be adding some fantastic new functionality to our home-grown Content Management System, Multiverse.  We have included this internationalisation (or I18N as it's known by us geeks) in the scope of the next release. It's an incredibly exciting time for us, both in terms of starting to export our services to Europe, and that we will be building some incredibly powerful functionality on top of our already fantastic product. Our Blog is almost certainly going to be a bit quiet for a few weeks whilst we concentrate all of our efforts on this upgrade. As always, this new functionality will be available to all of our valued clients as a free upgrade. It's all part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do!
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